About Stratcomm Africa

Stratcomm Africa is a total Communication, Reputation Management, Events Management and Research Agency specializing in evolving and implementing communications strategies for companies, individuals and governmental institutions in both national and international settings.

Stratcomm Africa is proudly collaborating with its partners to promote and deepen a Gardening and Flower culture in Ghana. Stratcomm Africa believes in using communications to stimulate socio-economic development. By organizing the Ghana Garden and Flower Show and promoting a Garden and Flower movement in Ghana, Stratcomm Africa is using its expertise to generate awareness among Ghanaians about available natural resources for livelihood enhancements and national development.

Stratcomm Africa is also facilitating information sharing, knowledge transfer, and skills development through its role in the Garden and Flower Show and its related conference and workshops.

Stratcomm Africa also employs the Ghana Garden and Flower Movement and Show, as a platform to reinforce Ghana’s position as a compelling investment and tourist destination through the promotion of beautiful Gardens and Flowers in Ghana. Vintage Events, a member of the Stratcomm Africa Group, manages the event.Event delivery is by Vintage Events, a member of the Stratcomm Africa Group.

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