Bloom Magazine

The first edition of Bloom was launched at the 2014 opening ceremony, on 29th August. To learn more about the magazine, or to purchase a copy, please contact us.

About Bloom Magazine

As part of its activities to promote gardening in Ghana, the Ghana Garden and Flower Movement will publish Bloom, a quarterly magazine. The main goal of Bloom Magazine is to promote the gardening movement in Ghana.
The magazine will feature the beauty and health benefits of gardening in Ghana, as well as point out economic advantages of the activity. It will also explore the business and pleasure of gardening, by providing tips on the process of gardening, features and how-to’s from experts, gardening designs, and many more.

Advertise in Bloom Magazine

Bloom Magazine is the first of its kind in Ghana, catering to the needs of Garden and Flower enthusiasts in the country, as well as providing a platform for educating interested individuals about the business potential as well as health and aesthetic benefits of our flora and fauna.

Bloom Magazine offers an opportunity for your company to market your products to readers with a long-standing interest in gardening and flowers. This includes those whose interest have just been heightened through the recent Garden and Flower Show and ongoing Garden and Flower movement, and are therefore eager to find garden and flower related products and services.

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