Garden & Flower Clubs

What are the GGFS Garden and Flower Clubs?

The GGFS Garden and Flower Clubs are non-profit organisations dedicated to sharing the love of gardening. They are designed to allow people to come together and interact with each other, share different tips regarding garden and flower care, and generally aid in improving the mind-sets of people in Ghana to take ownership of their surroundings and their natural environment.

The clubs are being established as part of  the Ghana Garden and Flower Movement, which seeks to establish Ghana as a country where every community is a clean, green and beautiful place to live in.

The GGFS Garden and Flower Clubs are segmented into three groups:

  • Home Edition – Home Associations, neighbourhoods and
  • School Edition – Primary, JHS, SHS and Tertiary institutions
  • Corporate Edition – NGO’s, Private Sector Organisations, Public Sector Organisation

Who may join the GGFS Garden and Flower Clubs?

All are welcome to join a GGFS Garden and Flower Club! You can be an expert or a novice in horticulture or floriculture.  You simply have to have a desire to see the transformation of the Ghanaian landscape one space at a time.

What are the objectives of the GGFS Garden and Flower Clubs?

The clubs’ stated objectives are:

  • To connect and grow the network of garden and flower enthusiasts in Accra
  • To encourage home, community and country beautification
  • Serve as a support group for sustainable gardening.
  • To serve as a forum to learn from those with experience, and share knowledge and know-how for new generations of gardeners.
  • To work with individuals as “Garden Change Ambassadors” for the communities and areas that they reside

Where do I enquire about and join a GGFS Garden and Flower Club?

To join a garden club or form a new club please fill out our ‘Expression of Interest Form’ here. For further information please email or telephone Linda on +233247278195 or +233 302224724.

What does GGFS Garden and Flower Club membership provide?

  • Educational programs on horticulture, landscape design and artistic floral design
  • Meeting and making friends with people who share your interests
  • Seminars covering many topics of today’s environmental interests and concerns
  • Opportunity to become informed and involved with conservation and the protection of our country’s natural resources
  • Workshops provide the opportunity to train and develop practical skills in many fields, such as, gardening, floral design and landscaping
  • Support and information from the National Garden Clubs, Inc., the largest organized group of gardeners in the world

How much does it cost to join a GGFS Garden and Flower Club?

You will be glad to know that membership is FREE.

How do I become a host of a GGFS Garden and Flower Club?

We are always looking for individuals and organisations to host our Garden & Flower clubs. If you are interested in hosting a club, please contact Marcia +233 200758088 or +233 302224724 or email